Our orchard is a hodgepodge of heritage and early commercial apples. Currently the orchard holds over thirty varieties of trees on mixed root stocks and spans over thirty five acres.

The project began with rehabilitating the property’s original orchard in 2008. The collection grew to include varieties with historical significance to the northern Great Lakes and Maritimes; as well as a few family favourites and special requests.

The majority of our trees are grown slowly on standard and semi-standard root stocks to anchor deep into our heavy clay soils. This makes the orchard an ongoing, long-term project that we hope will keep these varieties fruiting for years to come.

– Our Current Trees Include –

  • Annie Elizabeth: Leicester, England- 1850
  • Baldwin: Massachusetts, USA- 1780
  • Bellefleur de Brabant: Netherlands- late 1700s
  • Black Oxford: Maine, USA- late 1700s
  • Blue Pearmain: New England- 1700s
  • Bottle Greening: New York, USA- 1800s
  • Bramley: Nottinghamshire, England- 1809
  • Calville Blanc d’Hiver: France- 1700s
  • Canadian Strawberry: Maine, USA- 1995
  • Cox Orange Pippin: England- 1825
  • Duchess of Oldenburg: Russia- 1700s
  • Egremont Russet: England- 1872
  • Fameuse (Snow): Quebec, Canada- early 1600s
  • Foxwhelp: Gloucestershire, England- early 1600s
  • Frostbite: University of Minnesota- 1921
  • Ginger Gold: Virginia, USA- 1969
  • Golden Russet: American- 1800s
  • Gold Rush: American- 1993
  • Granny Smith: New South Wales, Australia- 1868
  • Gravenstein: (N.S. scions) Denmark- 1600s
  • Hawkeye: Iowa, USA- 1870
  • Herefordshire Redstreak: Herefordshire, England- 1600s
  • Honey Crisp: (don’t judge!)
  • Johnny Appleseed- American NY-EDU grafts
  • Kingston Black Cider: Somerset, England- 1800s
  • Liberty: New York State Ag Experiment Station- 1955
  • Northern Spy (King): New York, USA 1840s
  • Reinette du Canada: Normandy, France- 1700s
  • Roxbury Russet: USA- 1600s
  • St. Lawrence: Montreal, Quebec- 1800s
  • Tolman Sweets: New York or Quebec- 1820s
  • Many more unknowns, TBDs, and delicious windfalls.