Life flows with season and everything needs to rest and recharge before doing it all over again. That includes us. This is our off year in our farm cycle.

Life is short and time is precious. We want to make room for what nurtures us; walks in the woods, days on the water, camp outs at Gramma Far-Away’s, and more cider fires. As many of you know, we are downsizing before a long-in-coming move. Things will look different here as we enter the next chapter.

Hay: Won’t be here and won’t have any. We recommend the Livingston Local trade page or Michigan Hay For Sale on Facebook.

APPLES: They take years off too! We will still have trees producing for our cider folks. I will gladly save scion on request. We will not be shipping trees or grafts. Those brave enough to try grafting a few can find everything you’ll need and more from FedCo at

TURKEYS: We are hatching poults on a reservation-only basis. Any hatches our hens choose to surprise us with will be available in fall as starter flocks.

SHEEP: We did not breed any sheep this year. We have no lambs. There are several other Lower MI breeders who are planning to have a lamb crop available. You can find them on the MSPA website at

YARN: We have a few worsted weight skeins. They are available in-person or through Etsy at We will not have fleeces or any roving this year.

YARN SHARES: We are pausing our share program for now. Many, many thanks to everyone who has supported our flock and made beautiful creations with their wool. We are still considering the practicality of continuing the program in the future.

Realistically, we can’t really provide a local yarn if we’re no longer local. We love that our yarn has a very low geographic footprint- only 15 miles to the mill and back, no extra or separate trips, no separate shipping, USPS is coming here anyway etc. Adding several days of driving out of the way to come back isn’t the environmental model we want to be part of. We are still tossing around ideas, but for now we’re taking a time out.

A few fleeces will be held for a custom sport weight yarn run this year. The rest of this year’s wool crop is going towards a very special project that we’re excited to share with you very, very soon. So, if we hold all wool in 2025 for yarn and mill it in 2026… we’ll finally have skeins available in 2027… but a lot can happen in four years. Our oldest ewes turned 15 this year!!! We are now wearing our boy’s hand-me-downs. We are getting older too. We think it’s best to ‘go with the fallow’ and see how life plays out.

Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported us these last sixteen years. We are always humbled by the community that surrounds us. As always, don’t hesitate to message us if we can be of any help or get you additional information.

See ya on the flip side,

The Feindt Family