– Poultry & Eggs –

Spring 2021 Offerings:

  • EGGS – High quality Chicken, Duck, and Turkey eggs from our pastured and organically raised flocks. Eggs are sold by the half dozen and dozen. We are corn & soy-free!
  • CHICKS & HATCHING EGGS- We offer Fertilized hatching eggs from our mixed, laying breed chickens and a limited number of turkey eggs.
  • DUCKS – Paxton is hatching limited quantities of runner ducks for orchard grazing and integrated pest management systems. They love slugs!!!

Selkie, an 7 month old Tom

– Our Chickens –

More info coming soon!

– Switching to Heritage Turks –

We have begun raising heritage turkeys for both practical and ethical reasons. Traditional commercial Broad-breasted turkeys have been bred to the point they are not self-sustainable. Their large size and fast growth rate leads to numerous health complications. Birds can no longer reproduce independently; requiring artificial insemination. Eggs are removed from mothers and incubated because of low hatch and high suffocation rates in chicks. Many farmers know that broken legs are incredibly common even in intensively managed flocks; as the birds’ own weight can crush leg bones and joints. A Broad-breasted turkey is essentially a terminal meat bird and keeping it healthy and on their feet can be a real struggle some years. So why do it?!

We switched our own grazing flock to heritage turkeys in 2016. Our homestead flock is a mix of Narragansett and Royal Palm breeds to increase chick survival rates and improve life-long growth in hens. Heritage birds do require more time and work over the years, but we believe the increase in quality of life is well worth the effort.

Our turkeys free range and breed naturally. They are free to hatch and raise their chicks, allowing offspring to be fully socialized within the flock. This increases natural foraging behaviors and food source areas for growing birds. Adult birds are more active, seek more diverse food-stuffs, and show a marked increase in resistance to intestinal parasites. We do provide optional feed year around to supplement their diet, but they prefer to find their own. As always, we never feed corn or soy. Our focus is to preserve the natural behaviors in these beautiful birds while offering a low-cost and piratical long-term alternative to homestead and small farm flocks

– Paxton’s Runners –

More info coming when he’s done cleaning his room 😉